The Item Card for Wolfram Goggles.

"Everything is worth a second look when you're sporting a pair of these."

Wolfram Goggles are a fan-item made by MSPA user Todd Ingram. It is item number #074, and its cost is 330 credits. It is in the rarity category of 'Star'. It was designed for Tungsten (Wolfram is another name for the element after which he was named), although it could be used by any other Yoshi or a member of a secies with similar eye dimensions (such as a Koopa or a Hammer Bro).


The effects of an unaltered pair of Wolfram Goggles are similar to the badge Peekaboo, in that it reveals the HP of a foe in battle. Humor Crafting effects for this item include but are not limited to:

  • Vision: Allows one to see the opponent's FP.
  • Logos: Allows one to see the opponent's equipped badges.
  • Insight: Allows one to see the opponent's attacks, as well as their effects.
  • Any S-Rank Humor: If a character's recipe includes the humor, allows them to see hidden items in the field (doors, traps, concealed enemies, etcetera)


As a fan-item, Wolfram Goggles have yet to appear.

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