Watson's soulsmithing recipe

"I did a thing."

Watson is a fancharacter created by forumgoer sorunote103. Watson is an animated plush dog who basically hangs around and annoys the soulsmiths.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 30% Logos
    • + Reasoning, deduction, order, memory
    • - Obsession, emotionlessness
  • 30% Vision
    • + Creativity, focus, introversion
    • - Overcomplication
  • 20% Sublime
    • + Imagination, individuality
    • - Abstraction
  • 20% Relief
    • + Sincerity
    • - Naivete, forgetfulness

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • He's a plush dog which is in itself pretty weird!
  • Wears a bow tie and sport coat. ALWAYS. Where does he find ones that fit? NO ONE KNOWS.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Watson's interests include (but are not limited to) basically anything. Not everything at once, mind you; just virtually everything at one point over any significant period of time. More pervasive interests include games (basically any kind, but especially video games and role-playing games), science, and art. But he's probably spent hours doing something at least tangentially related to anything he's heard of so that's not really helpful. The few things he actually has no interest in at any time are history and sports. And that's mostly it.


With Watson's shifting and ecclectic interests comes an equally ecclectic job history. The summary is "Basically anything that seemed interesting at the time."

Personal HistoryEdit

Watson's very existence is basically the result of someone's stupid mistake cascading into an unlikely series of events. And he's pretty much okay with this. It all started when someone (no one is willing to take the blame for this one) accidentally dropped several bottles of humors into a Star Chest. Someone in the Mushroom Kingdom found the bottles of humors and just sort of held on to them for a while. Eventually, someone else got ahold of them and gave them to another person. When that person died, his children inherited them and sold them to another person. And so it went for a while until the bottles of humors ended up in the hands of a Shy Guy soldier in Shy Guy's Toy Box. The shy guy was on his way to deliver them to General Guy, but he tripped and spilled the humors all over a stuffed animal that happened to by lying around. By random chance, the humors actually ended up combining in a ratio that yielded a working soul which ended up attaching itself to the stuffed animal in which it was made. And so Watson was created. He proceeded to do not much of particular interest or value until he just so happened to stumble upon the same Star Chest through which the humors making up his soul arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bored and curious, he climbed through and ended up in whatever strange realm the soulsmiths call home. Now he mostly just hangs around there and annoys people by coming up with and working on all sorts of random projects. What? I DID say it was an unlikely series of events.

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