For the love of the Star Spirits, Crystal Stars, and Shine Sprites, please calm down. Would you like a Bella Noche?

Torr N. Ado is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user ultraluigi/LoganAura. Torn is a Dark Koopa who's always wanted to be out in the sun.

Torr is a Light sign, primarily Dispersing it to others.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 30% Shine
    • + Optomism, Extroversion, and Joy
    • - Selfishness
  • 25% Flow in a Note Soul Capsule
    • + Peace, Calm, and Patience.
  • 30% Aegis
    • + Steadfastness, Conviction, Security, Hope
    • - Stubbornness, Recklessness
  • 5% Turnabout
    • + Uniqueness as a Dark Koopa
    • - Unnerving obsession with sunlight

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Crescent Moon Glasses
  • A Purple and Black swirl on his shell
  • Serene smile on his face.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Torr is a Dark Koopa who's parents, siblings, and neighbors all feel a bit awkward talking about. That's because Torr loved going to the surface since a young age and spending time with the koopas there. Some were extremely hesitant due to the fact Torr tripped often and spun on his back, dizzying anyone nearby, but they easily accepted him in the little town of Koopa Village.

Torr grew up slipping through the pipes from his families home in a dark area of the Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa Village, always zipping through them to get there asap. He loved his family and his friends, and decided to try and find some way to bring them together. In the village, Torr spoke with a young man who was planting a flower that wasn't blooming, and the man told him to come back later that night. Torr slipped out at around midnight, and found the garden of unbloomed flowers had all grown into large, beautiful blue flowers. "Bella Noche" was the name, meaning beautiful night. Like Torr, the flowers loved what most of their kind disliked.

Because of that, Torr grew a small garden in his family's house, using Bella Noche and other flowers that bloomed in dark places. Eventually, he moved to the Koopa Village permanently, showing his younger sister how to care for the flowers, since his parents named her after them.

He has a flower shop, selling various kinds of beautiful and productive flowers in the village, but does wander away from it sometimes to find new seeds for his plants. He always spreads his flowers around wherever he can, and the scent seems to relax most people.


Gardener and flower shop owner


Bella N. Ado: Sister

Cy N. Ado: Brother

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