Template Box's front counter, complete with gruffy but lovable Wiggler.

Template Box is an E.G.O. shop that is a staple for any budding soulsmith, and is often one of the first stops made by someone making a character.

Goods and ServicesEdit


  • Price Range: 30-500 credits

As the name would imply, Templates are the sole commodity provided by Template Box. There are templates for many different species of characters, from the common Goomba to rarer, more expensive ones like Thwomps and Yoshis.

Occasionally, Template Box will have clearance sales on a small amount of its stock. Prices have been known to lower by 50-75% during these sales.



Leps has got something shiny on his mind.

Leps, the shopkeeper, has mentioned other services possibly being provided in the future if enough Star Pieces (see Reader Quests below) are brought to him. 


Name: Leps

Species: Wiggler

Humor ProfileEdit

  • Unknown

Leps is the sole proprietor of Template Box. It's not often he's found without a copy of the Soulsmith Gazette in his arms (legs?) and a gruff demeanor. He tends to price a bit high, but has been known to haggle with those he's built up a good rapport with. If you're patient dealing with him and can stick to your guns, you might find yourself with a good bargain. Insult him with ridiculsouly low offers, and risk being kicked out of Template Box with extreme prejudice.

His name is derived from the word Lepidoptera, the group of insects containing moths and butterflies -- which are often referred to as "leps" among entomologists.

Reader QuestsEdit

Star Piece HuntingEdit

By finding a Star Piece hidden in certain panels of the adventure and bringing it to Template Box, one can exchange them for 50 credits a pop, with every tenth Star Piece found eligible to be worth 100 credits. 

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