Shell Wax

The Item Card for Shell Wax.

"No self-respecting Koopa would leave home without a healthy layer of this on their backs."

Shell Wax is a fan-item made by MSPA user Todd Ingram. It is item number #203, and its cost is 33 credits. It is in the rarity category of 'Mushroom'. It was made for use by Koopas, but can also be applied to any shelled species that can retreat into their shell, like Buzzy Beetles.


An unaltered Shell Wax increases the distance a Koopa can travel by retreating into their shell and spinning forward in the field.. Humor Crafting effects for this item include but are not limited to:

  • Aegis: Increases defense by 1.
  • Flow: Allows shell-based attacks to hit mid-air enemies.
  • Mend: The user cannot be poisoned, confused, or made dizzy.


As a fan item, the Shell Wax has yet to make an appearance.

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