Locksmith is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Unseen Umpire. He's a ragumo who can burrow underground. He's a locksmither who makes locks and keys for the locks. (He secretly makes Phanto Mask keys too. The reason why is because they have a mystical purpose and this was before it was at hands of the Phantos) He can collect rescorces for the locks by burrowing underground and find them.  But he sometimes doesn't do it by himself, has his Monty mole buddies do all the rescorce gathering.

Locksmith Recipe

The royal old lock making Ragumo

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 50% Vision
    • + Innovation, Creativity
    • - Oercomplication,Introversion
  • 25% Paragram
    • + Realism, Practicality, Imparticaly
    • - Apathy, Legalism
  • 25%Insight
    • + Confidence, Ambition,Diligence
    • -Perfectionism

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Grey fur, light grey beard coering his mouth and pink drill nose
  • Black suspenders

Personality and InterestsEdit

The lock smith is a really good smither. He's also a lock picker. He can pick all kinds of locks. He's a vegetarian which means he can find vegetables from fields. Locksmith can make strong locks by finding the hardest materials from the places where hard materials are from. (Like mountains) He treats his employees friendly and appreciates there work. The locksmith has a royal sake of having people and things protected and privacies private. Which is why he started the lock shop business. To sell locks for the safety an privacy.


The lock shop

Locatiom: Mountains

Sells: Locks, Keys for locks, and Lockpicking equipment


Years when the locksmith was a young Ragumo, animals keep passing through the fence gate and it's seals and eats his father's crops. The Locksmith then decides to make a strong lock to keep the fence locked. The lock happened to work and kept the animals away from the crops. The locksmith's neighbor ended up having his house robbed by bandits. The Locksmith helped that situation by making the lock that is bandit proof. It was successfull too. When the treasure hunter is having trouble opening a locked chest. The young locksmith helped by picking the lock. He was successfull. That's when he realized his habbit: dealing for/with locks. He then started his own lock smithing bussiness and sells locks,lock picking equipment, and stuff for the locks.

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