Rojoanne is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Zylo, and named by Todd Ingram Rojoanne is a clumsy sweet little member of Shasha's Elite Scouting force, but unfortunatly her imagination and love of books tends to make her more of a problem than anything else.


Humor Profile

Distinguishing Features

  • Red Glasses
  • Green feathers
  • Red bag

Personality and Interests

Rojoanne is a bit of a day dreamer, she tends to be polight and stumble over her words. She has a deep love for books (particulerly ones dealing with her favorite character Tuxedo Toad.) As well as all types of machinery. Her favorite color is red as it reminds her of her favortie fruit which is apples. Rojoanne has a horrible habbit of day dreaming which often gets her into trouble. That same imagination of her also causes her to get confused when the real world dosn't play out like one of her books.


Member of Princess Sasha's Elite Scouting Force.

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