"Sounds daring, I'm in!"


Patrick is a Paper Mario fan character created by Skirdus. He is a poison pokey adventurer who loves to go on dangerous explorations of all sorts.

Humor Profile:Edit

35% Aegis

  • + Steadfastness
  • + Security
  • - Pride
  • - Recklessness
25% Sanguine
Patrick Formula

Patrick's humor formula.

  • + Moxie
  • - Fool-hardiness
  • - Detachment

25% Mend

  • + Compassion

15% Ardent

  • + Zeal
  • - Irritation
  • - Rage

Distinguishing Features:Edit

  • Odd-looking hat.

Interests and PersonalityEdit

Patrick is heavily stalwart, and he is often found trying to find any kind of adventure, whether it be kicking a can of soda across the street, or saving a damsel in distress from a tyranical antagonist. While being the heroic figure he is, he has compassion for the safety of others aswell, shown by his Mend humor. Although, often, his heroic displacement can wind him up in all sorts of trouble.


The numbers in the parentheses show how many body segments Patrick must have when he uses the attack.

Slam: No FP. Waddles over to an enemy and slams them. Hold the control stick to the left and release after some time. Poisons the enemy if executed correctly. (1-3)

  • Stylish: Press A after the attack when Patrick is upright and he'll shine a dapper smile.

Bonk: No FP. Hops over and bonks the enemy twice. Press A right before bonking an enemy. Poisons the enemy if executed correctly. (0)

  • Stylish: Press A while in mid-air, about to perform the second bonk.

Recover Segment: 2 FP. A segment hops over from the left side of the screen and assembles under Patrick's head/current segment. (0-2)

  • Stylish: Press A when the segment is close to Patrick, and he'll hop onto it instead of it merely assembling under him.

Body Throw: 3 FP. Throws a poisonous body segment at the enemy. Hold the control stick to the left and release with proper timing. Poisons the enemy if executed correctly. This move will cause Patrick to lose a body segment. (1-3)

  • Stylish: Press A while Patrick is leaning to the left, about to hit the body segment.

NOTE: Patrick's head does not count as a body segment.


Adventurer. Is that an occupation? It's an occupation.


Patrick grew up at Riverside Station, like most poison pokeys did. The station provided him with enough excitement and enthusiasm for adventure that he decided that he would go find his own, and become a renowned explorer. Once he was of age, he boarded the Excess Express, and set his sights on the world before him.


  • Patrick's poison can sometimes tend to drain mood instead of health.
  • Whenever Patrick's segments become separated (Outside of battle), they will tend to have different personalities, due to the fact that each is composed of a separate humor.
  • His favorite color is green.

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