What is this?Edit

Ever since the 2000th post on the forum, gS added these things called "Forum Achievements." This is a guide on how to acquire the Participation-Based Achievements.

Eagle EyeEdit


Requirement: You were the first to spot a star piece, and you earned credits for the readers.

Early BirdEdit


Requirement: Participate in the very first thread of ECN.

Lucky DayEdit


Requirement: Discovered and participated in a secret live-stream.



Requirement: Participated in a live-stream.

Warp PipeEdit

Requirements: You participated in a non-ECN related live-stream.

Golden FiddleEdit


Requirements: Made a deal with the devil to change fate.

Buggin' OutEdit


Requirements: You requested a cup of tea from soul smith trueBug

Pixel ImperfectEdit

Requirements: You were the first one to spot the spec.

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