"If there's one thing a story could always use more of, it's drama!"

Laila is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by user Unclevertitle.  She is a twilighter from Twilight Town who is fed up with living a boring life.


Laila, Amateur Novelist Seeking Adventure


Humor ProfileEdit

  • 16.65% Aegis
    • +Hope
    • - Recklessness
  • 16.65% Flow
    • + Calm
    • - Carelessness
  • 33.3% Mend
    • + Selflessness
    • + Empathy

      Laila's Recipe

    • - Insecurity
    • - Envy
  • 33.3% Sublime
    • + Inspiration
    • + Imagination
    • - Melodrama
    • - Abstraction

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Light blond hair
  • A stitch on right cheek

Personality and InterestsEdit

To Laila all the world's a stage.  Or rather, not so much a stage really, but more like a storybook.  A really long book with countless characters who are each the protagonists of their own personal stories.  But unlike a storybook most of these stories are boring and normal.  And to Laila no story is more boring and normal than her very own.

Born at roughly dusk o'clock in Twilight Town (where it's always dusk o'clock), Laila grew up as an ordinary happy child being read exciting bedtime stories of nasty dragon beasts and beautiful princesses and dashing heroes and portly plumbers.  When she learned how to read and write she voraciously read any novel she could get her pale blue hands on.  Wanting to give back to the writing community she writes novels as well, writing both original stories and fanfictions, though she's never quite satisfied with her own work.

Laila's one wish is for everyone to be able to live out a fantastic and exciting story, it is her hope that she too could live such a story.  And the most exciting stories are the stories with drama, and danger!

Laila has a caring heart and likes helping people... especially when she's helping people to have a more interesting story.  Which can sometimes not look very much like helpling at all especially when the definitions of "interesting" and "dangerous" overlap.

Due to her dissatisfaction with the mundanity of everyday life Laila will often blow things out of proportion.  A lost hairpin is naturally a federal issue, and don't even get her started on a ripped stitch!  However, Laila is rarely as distressed as she seems.

Predictably Laila enjoys acting and role playing activities though sometimes she takes the role too far.  In fact there are times when she thinks of other people in terms of character roles.  More than once she's complained to a friend about their unexpected behavior as though they were "out of character."

Eventually Laila left her sleepy town to seek out her own exciting adventure, and to get the exclusive authoring rights to several other people's exciting yet true tales.


Writer of fiction and fanfiction.  (Hoping to branch into nonfiction as well, once she has enough exciting storys to tell).

Novice Adventurer.

Rabid Blogger.

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