If you have not read the story yourself, you may want to avoid this page. Reading this page will help to get you up to speed quickly, but may ruin the fun and surprises of certain plot points. With that in mind, read on.


The intermission centered almost entirely on our first community soul-smithing project - Jitterbug. As the intermission began, the readers were given a choice of the three existing heroes - Booboo, Shyla, and Clyde. The character selection screen had two curtains, however, and the readers asked that they be moved out of the way, revealing two more choices. The first was to return to being Sasha, and the other was an uncreated character. The readers were offered the chance to create the character, and they accepted the challenge. GestaltScribbler allowed each decision to be made by a different MSPA forum user, including the new character's species, gender, color, name, and other superficial choices, along with a short history. GS then asked the readers to form Jitterbug's personality, introducing soul-smithing and humors to the story. Each of nine humors was introduced, with different positive and negative qualities that they imbue to a character. Humor recipes of existing characters were also revealed, inclusing those of Mario and Waluigi. Jitterbug's personality was finally decided to be made up of Shine, Ardent, and Vision. The readers were given a Junior Soul-Smithing kit and Jitterbug was brought to life in the circus. Bombielle and Bombino, her coworkers, were fixing her cannon, when Jitterbug recklessly jumped into it and shot herself across the city. Her streamer fell off and landed in Booboo's hands, while Jitterbug herself landed in Rhythm City, right next to Clyde.

End of Intermission 1-1

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