Infusion is an E.G.O. shop with various services that can enable Soul-Smiths to build higher-quality characters. 

Goods and ServicesEdit

Soul CapsulesEdit

  • Standard: 700 Credits
  • Deluxe: 1000 Credits

The main (and most expensive) feature of this shop is the made-to-order forging of Soul Capsules, the Deluxe version of which are of the shopkeep's own design. Their high price can be explained by the time and effort it takes to make one, as those who order one can expect to wait a while before they actually recieve it.

It is possible to get a Deluxe capsule at a discount by bringing trueBug a Standard one and having it reforged. She will only charge the difference of 300 credits.


  • Same Humor: 15 Credits
  • Split-Mix: 30 Credits

The big distiller at Infusion provides a cheap way for Smiths to obtain higher-quality humors and new split-mixes. Customers who use it must provide one humor of their own, but then are allowed to choose one of the extra humors trueBug has available at that time.

After the distillation is complete, the customer gets back the same volume of humor they put in. This makes it a useful alternative to simply using the Distill function in the E.G.O.

Humor BuybackEdit

trueBug will purchase humors at 80% of their listed price at Humor Me.

Template RepairEdit

Any broken templates can be repaired at Infusion for 20% of their listed price at the Template Box.


Tea is free of charge, and comes in an untold number of insect-themed varieties. It is a mystery as to how she can make enough for everyone so quickly.


Alias: trueBug

Species: Human

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 30% Logos
  • 35% ???
  • 10% Turnabout
  • 25% Vision

trueBug, like gestaltScribbler, is an in-story iteration of the MSPA Forum user with the same name. She has an enthusiastic fondness for tea, insects, and character building, and is somewhat of an eccentric.

Reader QuestsEdit

trueBug seems averse to the idea of giving customers quests, but nonetheless has asked the readers to deliver tea to other shopkeepers. Completing this errand has earned them tips in not only credits, but also in Soul-Smithing.

Tea TipsEdit

Balancing humors isn't just about the individual characters. Think about how they might interact with others, too! If you have too much of one humor in a group, they might end up driving each other crazy -- just like too much of a humor in an individual can make them unstable. There's no esoteric smithing science behind this one... just imagine a bunch of folks with a lot of LOGOS or ARDENT in the same room. Sounds like it could get ugly, right?

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