High ROllers

The High Rollers Item Card.

"Hey, you feelin' Lucky? Maybe if ya land just right, you'll get a prize."

The High Roller is a fan-item made by MSPA user LoganAura. It is item number #007, and its cost is 77 credits. It is in the rarity category of 'Flower'. It is based off of, well, dice and gambling.


The effects of an unaltered High Roller gives additional star points for succeeding a Stylish, and lowers star points for Failing. Humor Crafting effects for this item include but are not limited to:

  • Turnabout: Boosts Damage from failed Stylish moves by 1, and lowers damage from succeeding Stylish by 1.


• As a fan-item, the High Roller has yet to appear.

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