Fuzzy Scarf

The Fuzzy Fur Scarf's Item Card.

"This scarf makes a fashion statement, all right. And that statement is 'm neck really itches'."

Fuzzy Fur Scarf is a fan-item made by MSPA user Todd Ingram. It is item number #046, and its cost is 44 credits. It is in the rarity category of 'Mushroom'. They are based off of Fuzzies, a common enemy in the Paper Mario games.


An unaltered Fuzzy Fur Scarf posesses no special effects.. Humor Crafting effects for this item include but are not limited to:

  • Ardent: The wearer takes less damage from ice-based attacks.
  • Logos: Postive AND negative status effects on the wearer last one turn longer than normal
  • Vision: Can be used in the field to lasso objects from a distance.


As a fan item, the Fuzzy Fur Scarf has yet to make an appearance.

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