"The best things in life are.. how you say.. frivolous! Fun and games make the world go round, my friend. Never forget that! "

Esquivaros is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user JMPman. He is a laid-back Sidestepper with a penchant for guitar-playing and joviality with a very south-of-the-border flair.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 55% Shine
    • Optimism
    • Joy
    • Obliviousness
  • 45% Flow
    • Patience
    • Calm
    • Sloth

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Large festive sombrero
  • Fine bushy mustache
  • Single gold tooth

Personality and InterestsEdit

A sidestepper who loves the frivolous things in life and who enjoys nothing more than laying back, relaxing, and watching the day roll by. Not lazy by any stretch of the imagination, he's actually a guitar prodigy with skills that far surpass even some of the greatest in Mushroom Kingdom history and practices nearly non-stop all day, every day. To outsiders his skill seems quite effortless, which will drive other musicians up the wall, but this is of course, a falsehood. He has no natural talent with a guitar, and only his constant playing of his instrument is all that brings his skill level up so high, and it's only his infinite patience that allows him to do so. He named his guitar "Conchita."

Though visually he always looks somewhat disconcerted, as his natural for his species, he's always jovial, joyful, and sweet-tempered, so much so that he seems like he's oblivious to the troubles of those around him, which can cause friction between him and his friends, though he'll never really notice. His mind seems to be in the clouds at all times, but he's always in the conversation, he just has a zen-calmness about him that overwhelms others if they pay close attention to him.

Beyond guitar his only interest seems to be in cutting things. Though he wouldn't call it a compuslion, he gets an exceptional amount of happiness out of snipping ropes and wires and clothing and whatever else he's allowed to snip with his big, oversized pincers. He will talk about this desire openly, mention it often, and sometimes sneak a snip here and there, but he'd classify it as something fun to do, not anything strange.


Esquivaros is a guitar player for a living as well, working in a local Cantina called The Side Stepping Sasparilla which is run by an entire Sidestepper crew and owner. He plays all day every day for the endless enjoyment of the patrons and enjoys every minute of it. He's not paid particularly well, and the owners aren't particularly nice to him, but he still loves his job simply because it allows him to play his beloved guitar Conchita all day and still be paid.


  • "Esquivaros" roughly translates to "Sidesteps."

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