BobAngie suggests some Epiphany Shards.

Epiphany Shards are items a Soul-Smith can use during a Relationshift in order to play a guiding hand in the conversation. Each shard is made from a particular Humor, and presumably inspires thoughts and feelings related to traits that humor would normally bestow upon a character's personality. For example, a Flow Shard would help someone calm down, while a Mend Shard might encourage those in the Relationshift to empathize with each other a little more.

These items are meant to help characters straighten out their own inner feelings. However, use of an inappropriate Shard might make the Relationshift take a turn for the worse -- and even using an appropriate one may be problematic if it touches on feelings a character isn't ready or willing to address.

Currently, it is possible to purchase Epiphany Shards made from Mend, Flow, Ardent, Aegis, Shine, Logos and Vision humors.

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