"I calculate there is an 94.32% chance that you have an inferior intellect. The other 5.68% is probably just a miscalculation."

Dusk is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user CrimsonMage. He is a Twilighter outcast who wanders from town to town.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 30% Vision
    • Innovation
    • Focus
    • Tunnel Vision
    • - Introversion
    • - Overcomplication
  • 50% Logos
    • + Reasoning
    • + Deduction
    • + Order
    • - Obsession
    • - Superiority Complex
  • 10% Insight
    • Dusk Recipe Card
      + Ambition
    • - Perfectionsim
  • 10% Flow
    • + Calm
    • - Carelessness

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Tattered cloak
  • Bored-looking glowing eyes.
  • Worn-out tunic
  • Lack of visible hair (unknown if the cloak is covering hair or not)


Dusk is... interesting to say the least. He perfers to be by himself, refusing company unless it is absolutely necessecary. When he does travel with others it is obvious that he does not care for them and regards them as inferior beings. Dusk often gets caught up in tiny details, creating complicated plans inorder to deal with the tiniest things. He does this so they will never cause a concern again, trying to perfect the problem until it is no more. He calls these things his "projects." When he gets into a project nothing can deter him, only a similar problem which he deems more important will ever stop him from either perfectly completing or utterly failing the task at hand (and that is a rare case indeed). Very intelligent, he solves problems easy, and is convinced he needs no help in anything as a result of this. When not working in one of his "projects" he tends to not care about others and the results of his actions, as long as it does not affect him.

Dusk was born and raised in Twilight Town, arguably the gloomiest place in the world. Throughout his life he wanted to make the life for his fellow residents better (or perhaps just for himself, he nevers says which), and so worked on a project to make the town slightly less gloomy. While nobody but him knows the details of this project, everybody knows it turned out a disaster. His entire house and several others around him were completely demolished when he tried to make it work out. Ashamed by his failure he left Twilight Town, knowing the townspeople would let him back but never wanting to face his failure. He became an outcast, and not wanting to face that kind of failure again, deemed he had to be perfect. While he was more humble before, he has gotten so used to trying to be perfect he has started to believe he is perfect, or at least better than others. He never gets close to anybody for fear of failing them as well. Since that day he has wandered from town to town, looking as if he is searching for something, although nobody knows what.

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