"Hel-lo, boys! Make yourself at home and put a smile on your face, because Dinah's here!'"''


Dinah's Humor recipe.

Dinah is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Todd Ingram. Dinah is a Bob-omb, and she is the headlining showgirl of the threatrical cabaret Twigfeld's Cornucopia. Her name is based off of the word 'dynamite'.

Humor Profile

  • 30% Ardent
    • + Love, Zeal
    • - Infatuation
  • 40% Sanguine
    • + Moxie, Contentment
    • - Rose-colored glasses
  • 30% Shine
    • + Optimism, Joy
    • - Gullibilty

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Deep pink shell with yellow feet
  • Headress adorned with garish sequins
  • Tuft of cream-colored hair where fuse would be


Dinah was one of the first performers to be hired for the Cornucopia, and it's not hard to see why. The Bob-omb has a heaping helping of stage presence, and she explodes whenever she performs, in every sense of the word. Her face adorns nearly all promotional material for the Cornucopia, and tickets are bought like hotcakes because of it. She sings, she dances, she blows up, and she gives the audience her signature wink: it's a recipe for success. Dinah is ecstatic that people like her so much, and always stops on the street to hand out autographs and photos.

Dinah's face is constantly plastered with a smile, and she loves spending time with her co-stars when she's not performing. She's not the brightest spark on the fuse, so she'll occasionally fall behind in conversations that involve words longer than three syllables. But she always tries her best to understand what's going on so she can have the most fun possible. She's often the target for a number of harmless pranks due to her gullibilty, but she's never offended. It's all in good fun!

Dinah wanted to be a star ever since she was a little girl. Sure, part of it was the fame and fortune, but the main reason was that famous people just seemed to always have the most fun out of anyone! Of course, all performers have hardships in their lives that the public doesn't know about, but to be honest, neither does Dinah. She fails to notice the bad side in any situation, whether out of preference or lack of perception skills. Everything in her life is adventure to her, and she's absolutely in love with it.

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