"For enjoyment, for bananas, for SCIENCE!"

Dale is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user CrimsonMage. He is a strange goomba with a wierd fixation with bananas and science.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 40% Shine
    • +Extroversion
    • +Joy
    • -Insanity
  • 40% Flow
    • +Patience
    • +Peace
    • -Carelessness
    • -Sloth
  • 20% Mend
    • +Empathy
    • -Instability

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Insane wig
  • Stained lab-coat
  • Broken glasses

Personality and InterestsEdit

Dale Goombak, for one thing, loves SCIENCE! Just because you're not the best scientist doesn't mean you still can't like it! Although "not the best" might be an understatement. Dale tries to be a scientist with all of his heart, but he tends to lean towards the Mad scientist group. Believing it was what he had to do to follow his dream, Dale has acquired an insane wig, a (purposely-stained) lab coat, a pair of broken glasses (that do nothing), and a habit of doing extremely strange experiments. Like standing on a roof holding a banana waiting for lightning to strike while in your underwear strange. In fact he's done that. On multiple occasions. While his "experiments" sometimes last months, he has a strange habit of slapping things together at the last second hoping things work out, leading to a lot of failed projects (not that they would work anyways). This leads to the results of his experiments being a... touchy subject, to say the least. One moment he could be yapping away about who-knows-what and the next lamenting over failed experiments, yelling. Despite his... strange demeanor, he really does care about others, and really does want to do good.

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