"Why hello there darlin'! Fancy seein' you here! How's the wife and kids?

Cherri is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user LoganAura. Cherri is a bob-omb with a very short fuse, and is very good at showing other people love that they need. She's the older sibling of Angie and Boberemy.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 25% Aegis
    • +Steadfastness +Conviction +Hope
    • - Pride -Stubbornness
  • 50% Note of Ardent
    • +Love +Anger +Zeal
  • 25% Shine
    • +Joy +Extroversion
    • -Insanity

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Tiny, like... Really tiny fitting of a Cherry bomb
  • Blue fuse that takes a shorttime to burn.
  • Smile on her face at all times

Personality and InterestsEdit

Where Boberemy could be considered the Ego (controled and rational), and Angie could be considered the Superego (Critical and moralizing), Cherri is definately the ID to the t, spontaneity and instinct. Cherri bounces around, making sure anyone she meets knows at least one person loves them, and makes sure that she shows it. She does blow up over small things, but just as quickly gets over them. Anger is fleeting but rage is forever. Cherri almost radiates happiness and a nice warm feeling of being loved, always uplifting others. She does anger people a bit, but she allows them to blow up to her, often asking "Better?" Afterwards, and the almost always are.

People generally get mad at her for showing the love,or for being such a little pest, but it's rare for them to ever be  angry at her for long due to her own, happy and loving nature.


Sort of a therapist.

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