The 12 signs of the ECN zodiac. Starting from the top left going across the rows: Light, Wall, Flower, Bond, Life, Door, Song, Leaf, Mystery, Star, Love, and Tide.

"The Mushroom Kingdom's zodiac is made up of 12 different signs, each formed by constellations. These signs are the Light, the Wall, the Flower, the Bond, the Life, the Door, the Song, the Leaf, the Mystery, the Star, the Love, and the Tide."  -Booracle

The Mushroom Kingdom Zodiac is a concept in Paper Mario and the Everclear Night, introduced by the fortune-teller Booracle. 12 signs make up the Zodiac, with each one representing a constellation. Every character in the story is born under a specific sign, and the sign they are born under has some bearing on what path the character is destined to follow. Not much information on the Zodiac signs has been confirmed, but they are expected to become a central factor in PMECN's storyline.


A character born under a given sign is said to have the "burden of X", with X being the sign they were born under. Each burden comes with a choice of two different "paths". It is currently unknown when or how this choice is made in the character's life, or what the consequences of those choices are. 

It is also possible to have one's sign "eclipsed". It is unknown whether this happens upon birth or if it is an annual occurence. An eclipse is implied to cause "dark roads" for a character's journey, although to what effect it has on a character's path is, unsurprisingly, currently unknown.


Each sign of the Zodiac has a poem associated with it (the poem appears along with the sign in the Zodiac pack of E.G.O. themes) that gives cryptic exposition on what the sign holds for those born under it, along with providing the two different "choices" at the end of the poem. 

Poems that are known will be listed below.

Light (Shine Sprite)Edit

The burden of Light is to burn without end

To shine upon all, both enemy and friend

If you stay or you go, it could still be a curse.

So what do you do?

Descend or Disperse?

Canon characters born under the Light: Booboo (eclipsed)

Flower (Fire Flower)Edit

The burden of Flower is to blossom and bloom

To puff out its petals even when there's no room

As it bends to the sky, how fragile the rose

So what do you do?

Open or Close?

Canon characters born under the Flower: Unknown

Star (Starman)Edit

The burden of Star is to shine far and still

Glowing pristinely, but distant and chill.

It's simple-yet hard-to cast others aside.

So what do you do?

Abandon or Guide?

Canon characters born under the Star: Unknown

Bond (Yoshi Egg)Edit

The sign of the Bond is a burden of two

A balance, so close, between another and you

Your sorrows and secrets are shared with your friend

So what do you do?

Devote or Depend?

Canon characters born under the Bond: Unknown

Wall (Brick Block)Edit

The burden of Wall is a sturdy construct

Which protects all behind it, but can also obstruct

Its presence, or absence, means wishes fulfilled

So what do you do?

Demolish or Build?

Canon characters born under the Wall: Unknown

Leaf (Tanooki Leaf)Edit

The burden of Leaf is to sway in the breeze

And change with the seasons-spring, autumn, and freeze

To make room for new, the old withers and fall

So what do you do?

Transition or Stall?

Canon characters born under the Leaf: Unknown

Mystery (? Block)Edit

The burden of Mystery hides in the shade

Buried in layers by one so afraid

No one's expecting what you could reveal

So what do you do?

Disclose or Conceal?

Canon characters born under the Mystery: Unknown

Tide (Moon)Edit

The burden of Tide is the gifts of the deep

Which rise in abundance, so tempting to keep

To give or to take can spell fortune or ill

So what do you do?

Empty or Fill?

Canon characters born under the Tide: Unknown

Love (Heart)Edit

The burden of Love is an unrestrained heart

Worn on the sleeve, and eager to impart

All things in love, as you know, are not fair

So what do you do?

Rejoice or Despair?

Canon characters born under the Love: Unknown

Song (Flute)Edit

The burden of Song is a voice to be heard

If circumstance calls even for but a word

The melody's end, though, you cannot foretell

So what do you do?

Whisper or Yell?

Canon characters born under the Song: Unknown

Door (Key)Edit

The burden of Door is a future you see

Locked up to others, but you have the key

It's not always good, knowing what to expect

So what do you do?

Invite or Reject?

Canon characters born under the Door: Unknown

Life (Mushroom)Edit

The burden of Life is to grow without roots

And stray off the beaten path in your pursuits

But sometimes your trailblazing leads things awry

So what do you do?

Rebel or Comply?

Canon characters born under the Life: Unknown


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