The original seven humors introduced during the creation of Jitterbug.

Humors are the basic personality components from which a soul can be crafted. There were seven original humors introduced at first, which quickly turned to eight through the introduction of Dire Humor via the command "Examine the skull-shaped bottle." Since then, a few other humors have also been introduced.

Each humor typically embodies three positive personality traits that it can potentially add to a soul if used. However, they also possess an equal number of negative traits -- which act as flip-sides to the positives -- that may arise as well. It is generally accepted that it's impossible to create a mixture of humors with no negative traits in it, and as such a soul-smith will attempt to minimize them instead of avoid them entirely.

Known HumorsEdit

  • Shine - for cheerful personalities
  • Ardent - for passionate personalities
  • Aegis - for heroic personalities
  • Mend - for compassionate personalities
  • Flow - for easygoing personalities
  • Vision - for creative personalities
  • Logos - for rational personalities
  • Dire - for potentially incredible power, but at incredible risk
  • Turnabout - for the contrary and the bizarre


A split-mix is a a blend of two of the seven base humors. These combine the best and worst of their components, and result in humors that convey more specific personality traits. As such, split-mixes are used for more specific purposes than their parent humors. There are 21 possible split-mixes one can make, not all of which have been discovered by the readers at this time.

Table of Split-Mixes


Ardent Aegis Mend Flow Vision Logos
Shine N/A ??? Sanguine Blithe ??? Sublime ???
Ardent ??? N/A ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Aegis Sanguine ??? N/A ??? Valor Insight ???
Mend Blithe ??? ??? N/A Relief ??? ???
Flow ??? ??? Valor Relief N/A Concord ???
Vision Sublime ??? Insight ??? Concord N/A Pragma
Logos ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Pragma N/A


There are currently three more split-mixes that have been seen, but not fully described: Breeze, Serene, and an unnamed humor found in trueBug's humor profile. These are each known to contain Flow, but their second components are unknown.

Also of note, mixing the Turnabout Humor with any other humor results in the concoction cycling through every possible combination with the second humor, until settling on one.



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