"Lunch? LUNCH? I can't even THINK about lunch until I've sharpened all the spikes in the dungeon! Priorities, people!"
Grunt sticker

Bucky, in sticker format.

Bucky is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Todd Ingram. Bucky is a Grunt, and one of the many minions living in the dilapidated Bristle Citadel. Known for being excitable, restless, and rowdy, Bucky can tire a person out quite easily. He's determinated as ever to keep himself in tip-top shape, in case he and his fellow minions are ever called to duty.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 65% Aegis
    • + Steadfastness, Conviction, Hope
    • - Recklessness, Stubbornness
  • 35% Shine
    • + Optimism, Extroversion
    • - Insanity, Gullibility

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Spiky blue helmet
  • Yellow face mask, with a hole for the eyes
  • Bright red robes

Personality and InterestsEdit

Bucky is one restless soul. He almost never stands still, always buzzing about to keep himself busy in the dismal Bristle Citadel. Whether it's polishing the coat-of-arms in the foyer, re-lighting the torches in the hallway, or re-applying the fake walls over the secret doors, Bucky will always find a task to devote himself to...and finish in within minutes. Unfortunately, this often means that he'll run out of things to do early in the day. At that point, Bucky will start his unorthodox work-out regimen: swimming in the muddy swamp outside the Citadel, doing 10 push-ups on every floor tile in the main hall, or climbing the parapets with nothing but a fork and some frozen Koopasta. Even then, Bucky will find himself with nothing to do well before dinner. More often than not, he spends the rest of the day staunchly standing guard outside the Citadel doors, waiting for someone to come along and make things interesting. Be it a villain looking for a foretress to use as a lair, or some whackjob hero on a quest for seven star-thingies (or, Overthere forbid, eight heart-thingies), Bucky will be there waiting for them.


Bucky was recruited by the Koopa Troop at a young age, and took to the training regimen almost instantly. Inspired by what he had heard about the might of the Koopa King's army, he pushed himself to his physical limits and farther to prepare himself for battle against the plumber scourge. His unending determination and persistence, however, never failed to get on everyone's nerves. Eventually, Bucky and a number of other misfit minions from other squadrons were dispatched to Bristle Citadel, an abandoned foretress in the middle of a muddy swamp east of Nowhere, west of Nothing, and a few miles south of Zip, Zilch, and Nada. They were told that Bowser himself would assign them a treasure to protect...eventually. Until then, they were to remain on standby, keeping the foretress in top shape in case of an intruder. Bucky took this order to heart, and from that moment has always been on ready to leap into action, when or if it ever happens.

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