Alura in Paper Mario style, by gS.

"Hey, ya need a ride? Well, I think I can.... snrrk... HOOK ya up.... pfffffftt....."

Alura is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user trueBug. This tomboyish, resourceful Bob-Omb has two main loves in life: the first is the outdoors, and the second is really terrible puns.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 40% Sanguine
    • + Full o' moxie
    • + Content
    • - Foolhardy
  • 30% Pragma
    • + Practical / resourceful
    • - Apathetic towards others
  • 30% Flow
    • + Calm
    • - Complacent

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Fishing bobber coloration
  • Large fishhook tied to wick

Personality and InterestsEdit


The humor recipe for Alura.

Fancy city life and its conveniences have never appealed to Alura. She's a "proper outdoorsbomb," or so she says, and she enjoys a simple life in a complex, untamed environment. Every day is filled with hard work and a bit of adventure, and that's just the way she likes it!

Her ability to deal with just about any mishap that comes her way, whether by breaking out the toolbox or fishing out the compass, makes this lifestyle come about as naturally to her as swimming does to a Cheep Cheep. It's hard to put a dent in her composure or her resolve. However, she tends to unconsciously expect the same of others, and isn't very perceptive of the wants and needs of her friends a lot of the time. This means that if someone accompanies her on a hike in the woods, she's not going to slow down for their comfort. Once you start on a task or excursion with Alura, you're stuck with her until it's done.

Even though she can be a bit dense about just about everything that isn't a hands-on activity, Alura is still often a breath of fresh air to anyone who visits her. She approaches everything she does with a great deal of genuine enthusiasm while at the same time never taking things too seriously. She enjoys the simple things in life, and doesn't worry about the little things.


Alura owns a shabby-looking, but highly functional house boat that she uses to give customers rides and tours around the waterways of Clementine Island. In her downtime she uses it for camping, fishing, and exploring the wilderness.

She is also a trained lifeguard, and used to work as one at a resort.

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